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Do you enjoy shooting sports?

This is an interesting tidbit for the photographers who love baseball. It’s from the Library of Congress:

Germany Schaefer April, 1911
Germany Schaefer filling in as photographer. That’s a 5×7″ Graflex camera he’s holding. My how things have changed…

“Photo shows Herman A. “Germany” Schaefer (1876-1919), one of the most entertaining characters in baseball history, trying out the other side of the camera during the Washington Senators visit to play the New York Highlanders in April, 1911. Germany Schaefer, a versatile infielder and quick baserunner, played most of his career with the Detroit Tigers and the Washington Senators. The camera is a 5×7 Press Graflex with a modification to accommodate the large lens. The camera was produced by the Folmer & Schwing Division of Eastman Kodak Co. between 1907 and 1923.”

It makes you wonder just how many of today’s sports shooters would be in the business if they had to work this hard…